About Crossing Jordan

Crossing Jordan is about leaving your old self behind and crossing over to a life of balance, restoration, deeper connections, and self-care.

It is inspired by the book of Joshua in the Bible when the Israelites trusted God’s specific instruction to cross the Jordan River to get to the Promise Land. The river was overflowing and I am sure looked intimidating. God made them take a step of faith and instructed them to step into the river first (not just in front of it or near it), before He produced the miracle of parting the water so they could cross the river on dry ground.

This applies to our current day lives as well. Sometimes we have intimidating and overflowing “rivers” in front of us that overwhelm us. We have to take ownership as the first step into our situation to initiate change and cross over to a more fulfilling life.

My Jordan River was overflowing of perfectionism, people pleasing, over commitment, and self-criticism. Instead of relying on someone else to magically make things better, I had to fix me and take ownership of my life. This blog is about how I take ownership of my circumstances and continue to cross over that lifestyle into a freeing spirit of living intentionally in my purpose and passions.

My prayer is that  through my authentic and transparent posts, I inspire you to bridge a possible gap in your life too. Let’s take this journey together…