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Often times conflict is viewed with negative emotions with a win/lose outcome. But what if we can transform conflict into


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Welcome to Crossing Jordan! I am blessed that you are here.

I started this business to serve you, help you, push and challenge you to be your best self when struck with conflict.

My name is Katie Tarasewicz and I have my Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Conflict Resolution. I have studied courses in Mediation, Arbitration, Neuroscience, Difficult Conversations, Negotiation and Theories of Conflict. I am a Conflict Coach.

I am very passionate about sharing tools and techniques in navigating conflict and bridging conversation barriers in any area of your life; professionally or personally. In my blog posts, I will also be real, raw and authentic about how I have navigated my own personal conflict struggles.

Please visit my coaching page to sign up for a confidential, one-on-one virtual coaching session to help you break through any barriers you are facing with conflict. I’d love for you to also visit my blogs and enter your email to get notified of online workshops I will be holding.  

Thank you so much for being here and I’d love to walk this journey with you!