Workshops will transform how you view and handle conflict from a win/lose mentality to side-by-side problem solving.

Before we can change anything in our life, we need to start with ourselves first.

Personal reflection is our first step to “crossing the river” to a life of restoration.

We all have the desire to be heard and understood in conflict. However, sometimes our best intentions get hijacked by our emotions. The workshops explore how individuals are hardwired in conflict and through self-reflection activities, discover how those habits can be transformed into being an effective communicator and listener. Together, we walk through emotional intelligence competencies and conflict resolution techniques to provide tools in effectively navigating conflict and adversity.

Workshops will:

Explore what is beneath the surface of the problem

Help you communicate the facts, not just emotion

Provide tools to help you discuss difficult conversations without adding insults, manipulation or blame 

Learn emotional intelligence competencies to help you have healthier relationships

I’m here to coach you across your “river”.

Workshops coming soon!

How Workshops can Help

Sometimes we just need to get our feet wet and step into the circumstances we are faced with instead of avoidance or complacency that ‘this is always the way it will be.’ There are times in life when we need to be the first ones to step forward toward communicating to heal, to work towards forgiveness or to have our voice heard. It can stretch our comfort and be intimidating!

We will walk across the water together, bridge the barriers to allow constructive conversation, and equip you with strength and tools to express yourself in a productive, respectful manner.