The Lord tends to place months of the year on my heart. Last year in early spring, He laid the name Crossing Jordan on my heart and the month of June 2017. I knew Crossing Jordan would be very personal to me and I originally thought it would only be my business name. I prayed a lot and asked for Godly wisdom.

When June 4th arrived that year, it was a day in church I will never forget. Not only was it the month the Lord placed on my heart, but our Pastor also spoke about when the Israelites trusted God by stepping in the Jordan River and God performed the miracle of parting the waters. I was awe struck. It was everything He had already placed on my heart. The Lord was asking I take faith and “step into the river,” get out of my comfort zone, and pursue my passion.

That Sunday in church I boldly went up front and stepped in the bucket of water our pastor had, symbolizing taking the first step in faith to pursue something God had placed on my heart. For me, it was pursuing making Crossing Jordan a reality.

The months that followed, God continued to grow me and prepare me, to my surprise not starting my own business yet, but rather a blog site. I feel called to share my life with you, in hopes to inspire you and help people through this journey on earth.