Proud of this kid.

This is Joseph two weeks ago at the end of the Saints vs. Rams game. As you can see by his jersey, Joseph is a Saints fan. He loves that team and Drew Brees.

There was so much energy and excitement going into this game for Joseph, and there were only tears and anguish at the end for him. While the Rams celebrated, Joseph said through emotion, “I don’t care. The Saints are still my favorite team.” But he now hated the Rams and had no interest in eating dinner.

I gently swooped in and had our mindset talk. One that has been a part of our weekly, almost daily life for the last year. I didn’t judge and I didn’t tell him how he should feel. However, I acknowledged his feelings without mine attached (validation that goes far for a child emotionally) and we spoke about positive perspectives, the joy in winning and with that also comes the grit in losing. Then I gave him some space.

About an hour later, Joseph came walking up to me, arms stretched out to me for a hug and with tears in his eyes said, “Mom, thanks for always helping me stay positive.”

He went from the head space of hating the Rams to now being ready to cheer for them today in the Super Bowl. All due to a chosen mindset and perspective.

What’s your mindset when you lose or face adversity or hardship? Do you allow your self-talk to build you up or tear you down? Do you push it to motivate you or do you allow it to discourage you? Do you shift to empowerment or succumb to shame, guilt or anger?

You have the reins to choose your thinking; to determine your mindset. It’s whether you chose to grab those reins or not. So I encourage you to take control of that inner voice and speak to yourself with a voice of grace, of love and acceptance, of forgiveness, willpower and perseverance. Often you can’t change the circumstance, but you can change your mindset. The saying goes, life is 10% what happens to you and 90% on how you react to it.

Don’t fall victim to your mindset. Take the reins and lead it.

Proud of Joseph for taking the reins. We worked hard to get to this place. It doesn’t matter if you are a child or an adult, through consistent practice, you can lead your mindset to taking you in positive directions. It’s all in your perspective and what you do with it. Make it full of hope and encouragement.