Katie’s visit to teach about communication skills in my UW-River Falls Teacher Education course, Parent Education and Family Development, was a highlight of the course. Her presentation style is easygoing and professional. She provided useful exercises, welcomed questions from participants, and the information she shared was practical and relevant to the educator audience. She was open and honest about communication challenges in her own life, and this was inspiring to everyone. She is definitely an expert in this field and has a sincere desire to help others improve their lives through good communication and positive relationships. I am so thankful she shared her expertise with us!

Amber Tubre

UW-River Falls Professor

I have often felt stuck and anxious when faced with the prospect of having a difficult conversation. Working with Katie, I have felt supported while hearing a fresh, non-judgemental perspective and a heart-centered approach.  Katie is a terrific listener and asks thought-provoking questions that have left me inspired, prepared, and looking forward to the conversation at hand. Tapping into her genius has built my confidence.

Valerie Cady

Professional Organizer & Financial Coach

This presenter was amazing! She was able to share strategies for conflict at home and at work by using examples of how she has used it at home and at work. She was also a very humble speaker who put her own life stories out there for us. So valuable!

Anonymous RFSD District Employee

Conflict Management Workshop Attendee

I have had the pleasure of working with Katie for over 4 years, in those years I not only gained the skills needed to grow professionally but also learned a lot about myself as a person. Katie has a way of coaching that makes you look at how you can change your behavior in a situation to help you get the desired outcome. She has taught me to step back and look at a situation from both sides and see how my words or actions may impact it negatively as well. I often still find myself when faced with conflict saying, “What would Katie do?”

Katie helped me in more ways than I can express. To have the opportunity to work with her will not only enrich your life professionally but personally as well. I am grateful to of had her as a mentor and value all she as taught me. Her one-on-one coaching is unique and will provide anyone with the skills needed to work through conflict and adversity.

Emily R.

Clinic Manager

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