I didn’t love my life. So I looked in the mirror and started to change it. I took this summer off to be with our boys and the time has been invaluable to me. I learned to live with an open heart and found my soul in the process.I recognized the gift of today. I stopped postponing living life to chase a never ending agenda. I learned to be present where my feet are. I offered myself grace to stop having such unrealistic expectations. I started looking for the flowers instead of focusing on the weeds. I gained a deeper understanding of my identity in Christ instead of a paycheck, title or position. I found that rest is holy. I realized that my family, relationships and faith are what give me joy instead of this, that and the other thing. I gave myself the gift of imperfection. I stepped out of my comfort zone to take a risk. I stopped seeking the perfect future for the value of time. For all these reasons I am a better mother, wife and friend.

Friends and family showed me what the life preserver could look like. They offered me one. But I never accepted it because I was scared. I had to save myself. Only my higher self could toss the preserver to the part of me that was drowning. I finally realized it had to come from me. All of it. Only I could change me. Thank you Jesus for the gift of this season of rest and connection.

I’m looking forward to the future…